Documenting the Saskatchewan COVID-19 Experience

We are living in extraordinary and uncertain times – unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. The University of Saskatchewan’s University Archives and Special Collections, in partnership with the Digital Research Centre and faculty members specializing in the history of medicine and public health, invites contributions to help us preserve our individual and collective experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Documentation of your experience will provide valuable source material for researchers – faculty, students, journalists, historians, writers, and others – studying how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our community. Indeed, there are already plans to use the collection in classes and research this fall.

We welcome submissions about your recent and daily experience in a variety of forms – photographs, social media posts, videos, creative projects, e-mails, blog entries, journals, personal reflections, and more. Your contributions do not need to be polished, finished works: your perspective on this experience is the more important element, and this documentation will form part of the raw material for studying and understanding this pandemic.

If you are interested in adding content to the COVID-19 Community Archive, create an account by selecting the link below and then add content through our submission form.


If you already have an account, add content via the link below:


If you are creating documentation on an ongoing basis, for example taking photographs, maintaining a blog or website, or keeping a journal, we are eager to talk to you to make appropriate arrangements; please contact us at ua.sc@usask.ca. Similarly, if you have printed material or other physical items to donate, we would also be pleased to discuss that, and arrange for transfer once we are back on campus.

Depending on the nature of the material, we would be able to discuss appropriate restrictions so that material can be preserved now, for research access in the future. In this case, please contact us in advance, again via ua.sc@usask.ca.

This project complements other community archiving projects being undertaken by the Saskatoon Public Library’s Local History Room and the Western Development Museum.

Thank you for your help in ensuring a more comprehensive record of this pandemic and its impact on our communities. If you have any questions about the community archiving project, please contact the project team at covid19archive@usask.ca