Evidence-based versus ideology driven COVID Public Policy Decision making

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During the course of my career I served in executive leadership roles with a succession of agencies in the health sector in Saskatchewan. I also served on a wide array of Boards and committees  which were tasked with policy setting. Through that experience I gained  an appreciation for the value of evidence-based policy setting. During the decade from 2009 to 2019 I also provided consulting services to a range of governments and non-government organizations.

Along with two other Saskatchewan citizens I was appointed to serve on the Task Force charged with offering recommendations to the Government of Saskatchewan on restructuring of our healthcare system.

During the course of the pandemic I closely followed the process followed by the Government of Saskatchewan on creation, revision and revocation of Public Health Orders. Sadly, my impression was that these vital public policy decisions were often driven more by political ideology than scientific evidence.      

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I am a retired physician who has served in many leadership roles for which I have been awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit