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FaceTime photography to stay connected

During the covid-19 pandemic i as a photographer wasn’t able to shoot like normal but I was determined to continue shooting! I decided to depend on FaceTime to be my camera in the last month! I had numerous messages from people wanting to set up times to shoot over the phone and it was amazing. I met people from Halifax, Belgium, Calgary and right here in Saskatoon.

2020-05-26 Saskatoon
Looking for good news in an online U of S class during April 2020

The central section of this file is the transcript of an online discussion forum, along with some background context.  As the course facilitator, I was concerned that some people were becoming very upset about the negative information found online, particularly the SHA modelling numbers for COVID-19 fatalities.  In response, I created a bonus discussion activity to share good news stories about ways in which they had very recently used something they had learned in order to create a positive result.  I have not used the full names of the contributors, and I have contacted everyone to allow

2020-04-07 Course offered by the U of S in Saskatoon, but students were registered from many locations.
Photos of an Empty Saskatoon Downtown

These photos show downtown Saskatoon as completely empty (except for the photographers truck). Some pictures were taken with a wide angle lens with the camera sitting on the road.

2020-03-29 Downtown Saskatoon Empty Downtown Saskatoon , Empty Downtown Saskatoon , Empty Downtown Saskatoon , Empty Downtown Saskatoon , Empty Downtown Saskatoon , Empty Downtown Saskatoon
Long Distance Fun with Grandkids

Photos of having long distance fun with my grandkids in South Africa during this pandemic, from our farm home in Saskatchewan using modern technology.

April, 2020 NW11-26-18 W3, our farm west of Elrose, SK Board game with grandchildren in South Africa , Grandchildren play board game with Grandmother , Board game with grandchildren in South Africa , Grandmother connects with grandchildren in South Africa
Saskatchewan Medical Association Update 1 May

Saskatchewan Medical Association Update 1 May

2020-05-01 Regina, Saskatchewan A update from the SMA from May 1 20202
Public health posters

A compilation of 4 public health posters collected on 4 May

2020-05-04 Regina, Saskatchewan
CMA virtual care playbook

A copy of the CMA telemedicine playbook was provided to all physicians in Saskatchewan

2020-03-01 Regina, Saskatchewan
SMA Pandemic Services Agreement update

Attached is an outline of the Pandemic contract with specific salary for various positions

2020-04-08 Regina, Saskatchewan
Sasaktchewan Healt Authority Pandemic Services Argreement

Lower demand due to covid extend to doctor's offices. Doctors are now being paid a salary to make up for lower billing. Attached are the contracts and Frequently asked questions.

2020-04-01 Regina, Saskatchewan ,
Playground Closure Sign - Wildwood Park

Image of park closure sign in Wildwood Park. The sight of the signs going up in our local park had an impact on the way my kids understood the situation. Coming a couple of weeks after school closures, they signalled another important change in their everyday actions and behaviours.

2020-03-30 Wildwood, Saskatoon Playground Closed