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USask's Guidelines for Reusing PPE

These are the guidelines the University of Saskatchewan is using to help preserve disposable protective equipment. 

Online Catholic Mass

Unable to gather in worship, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon encouraged parishioners to participate in spiritual communion by watching mass online, Live or Recorded. 

2020-05-12 Saskatoon Online Mass
Pride Flag Defacement

The pride sidewalk on campus was defaced. Nadine was wondering if they would fix it, thinking that the vandals might have won if the University did not consider it a priority task. Despite the pandemic, the university immediately painted over it to hide the hurtful message (within hours I think), which made both of us happy.


2020-5-12 University of Saskatchewan Pride Sidewalk Defaced
Texting with Mom in Manitoba: March 23-April 12

Four screen caps of texts with Mom, living in Manitoba.

2020-03-23 2020-04-01 2020-04-09 2020-04-12 Saskatoon SK and Neepawa MB Text with Mom March 23 , Text with Mom April 1 , Text with Mom April 9 , Text with Mom April 12
Safety Tip at Rusty McDonald Library 2020/04/28 Lawson Heights Covid-19 Safety Tip
No guests sign at Seager Wheeler Hall

Image of sign on door to University of Saskatchewan student housing, Seager Wheeler Hall, regarding social distancing and no guests allowed

2020-04-22 Saskatoon Seager Wheeler no guests signage
Social distancing signage at Extra Foods

Image of social distancing signage at entrance to Extra Foods on Broadway Avenue

2020-04-16 Saskatoon Extra Foods social distancing
Hudsons on 21st Street E

Image of entrance to Hudsons pub in downtown Saskatoon. Closed signs on doors

2020-04-26 Saskatoon Hudsons entrance
Iron Works gym

Image of closed sign on Iron Works gym in Grosvenor Park Centre

2020-04-20 Saskatoon Iron Works gym
USSU Childcare Centre Williams

Image of the empty playground at the University of Saskatchewan Student Union Childcare Centre, Williams location. Childcare services were suspended at the University locations effective immediately from 20th March 2020

2020-04-22 Saskatoon USSU Childcare Williams playground