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Ada, a COVID puppy

My oldest son turned 6 a few weeks ago. This got me thinking about the year I turned six. I lived in the suburbs of Vancouver and that year the city hosted Expo 86. Our family travelled to see Expo from all over Canada and cousins came from the UK. I successfully grew tall enough to ride the roller coaster by the end of the summer. And I got to help my parents name my youngest brother who arrived in August. I also had the freedom to ride my bike around the neighbourhood, exploring creeks and playing with a group of kids with no concerns about household bubbles.

2020-05-07 Caswell Hill, Saskatoon puppy
COVID-19 Bear

Large bear figure on lawn in Varsity View, Saskatoon. Sign on chest says, "Thank you essential workers".


2020-04-20 Saskatoon bear
Murray Library, first floor

Image of Murray Library, first floor, mostly empty.

2020-03-20 Saskatoon Murray Library first floor
COVID-19 Sign

Sign taped to business door on Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon.  Photo by David Bindle.

2020-04-16 Saskatoon sign
Royal University Hospital

Signage on the entrance to the Royal University Hospital.

2020-04-17 Saskatoon Dentristry
USask Murray Library sign

Handwashing sign in Murray Library elevator. Photo by David Bindle.

2020-03-20 Saskatoon murray library handwashing sign
Empty Place Riel

Empty food court in Lower Place Riel food court. Photo by David Bindle.

2020-03-20 Saskatoon foodcourt_empty
Food Court

University of Saskatchewan food court signage in Lower Place Riel. Photo by David Bindle.

2020-03-20 Saskatoon place riel
Murray Library

Image of library assistant and signage regarding suspension of staff services. Photo by David Bindle.

2020-03-20 Saskatoon Murray library
Empty parkade

Empty parkade, University of Saskatchewan.

2020-04-12 Saskatoon parkade